Marketing tool for cosmetic suppliers: "OpenLink Quality Presentation System!"

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Two methods - one goal!


The target of the Foundation for the Advancement of Skin Health is:

"To provide Consumers the opportunity to find and appliquer the right cosmetic products for their individual skin.

Two methods - one goal!

First Method:

Since 2008 is a prefered vendor-neutral and advertising-free information and knowledge portal for consumers and experts.

Consumers and industruals experts can review over 30'000 rated cosmetic products and analyze the quality of their products by cross referencing than with the ingridients database (> 9'000).

Second Method:

Since 2012, cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers favor our online and offline marketing tool for their quality assured products:

OpenLink QPS
OpenLink quality presentation system!

With the OpenLink QPS Cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers can effectively communicate the quality of their produucts to their consumers.

On this website you will find all the essential information you need for a unique interactive tool for online marketing and offline marketing.

What we offer

Our portal provides updated information on, indicators database, criteria evaluation and about the Foundation for Advancement of Skin Health.

And of course you are fully informed of all the details for

"OpenLink QPS - The OpenLink Quality presentation system"

1. Quality Seal "ingredients tested"

     - High level of awareness among consumers
     - Higher creditability become we are on manufacturer-independant, consumer
       protection organisazation (Non-Pofit)
     - Easily recogonited design (adaptable to your corporate colors)

2. Online-Marketing tools by using our open links to to
    assure quality of products

3. Offline-Marketing options with the help of embedded QR codes with open
     links to to assure quality of products

Here you will find out more on our simple licensing process and costs.

You will ahve on the information about the benefits of the licensee. Read and learn why our interactive possibilities the existing and proven quality awards do not compete, but complement each other.

2012 BRIGITTE communication analysis

According to a recent Brigitte study, 76% of women surveyed between the ages of 14 and 70:

  are concerned that cosmetics are harmful to their skin.

  feel that their skin is reacting increasingly more sensitively.  

39% stated: “I am concerned since I often do not know what exactly the cosmetics actually contain.” *

* The representative survey for the 2012 BRIGITTE communication analysis comprising 5,026 oral and written interviews was conducted between September and November 2011 by MMA MediaMarktAnalysen, Frankfurt am Main, and Ipsos, Hamburg. The data processing was handled by ISBA, Hamburg. The study is representative of 29.99 million women.
The quotes can be found on page 46 of the study.

What does this mean for you as a supplier of cosmetic products:

If you offer good products, you have the chance to counter the fears and worries of 22.79 million German women between the ages of 14 and 70 (76% of the relevant 29.99 million).    

With the Cosmetic OpenLink QPS, you offer ladies (and gentlemen, of course) comprehensible evidence of the benefits and effects of your products. Let a renowned consumer organization demonstrate to women why the advertised benefits of your products differ from many other products.

Dear consumers,

Don’t worry, there is a solution. You can find information about the ingredients of your cosmetics! 

At you can get detailed vendor-neutral and ad-free information about the benefits and risks of cosmetic ingredients and products. The following information and options are currently available:

  The basis of the product analyses is a database with more than 9'000 rated INCI
        substances and more than 35,000 rated substance properties.  

  More than 30'000 quotes from approximately 80 verifiable sources have been assigned 
to the ingredients from which the substance properties are derived. At no point do
        individual opinions of panels, laboratories, etc. enter into the rating process. Read more
        about the evaluation criteria under “What are the product analyses based on?”

  Members from more than 130 countries have analyzed more than 30'000 viewable 
        cosmetics and published them on the website.

        All substance information and professional quotes can be accessed by clicking on the

  The consumer protection platform is funded by the Foundation for the Advancement of
        Skin Health and its members and is completely independent and ad-free.  

        All information on this ad-free consumer site is usually available only to members for a
        fee of $42 for six months.  

  The licensed links of the quality seal can be viewed by anyone.   

Using Cosmetic Analysis and the ingredient database you can analyze as many products as you want!


Example weblinks

Online, a link to the complete product and ingredient analysis offers the consumer complete transparency of product and ingredient details with one click.

Example: Hautcreme+, Beyer & Söhne, Berlin
Please click on the seal.

Example QR-Code

Offline, on the shelf or in the brochure, the QR code allows viewing these comprehensive product details directly on your smartphone, without any.

Example: QR code for Hautcreme+, Beyer & Söhne, Berlin
Please try it right now: You need a smartphone with a free code scanner app. Scan the QR code by pointing the camera of your mobile phone at it. You will receive the complete product and ingredient analysis including all details.